Iconic Chicago Building's Reno to Yield Increased Efficiencies

January 23, 2018

By: Barbra Murray

Commercial Property Executive 

Chicago’s 4.5 million-square-foot Willis Tower is undergoing a transformation, and Entic will play a notable part in the massive undertaking. The technology company has been tapped by Equity Office, owner of the iconic mixed-use office property, to arrange increased operational efficiency and utility savings at the 1,450-foot tall skyscraper, also known as the tallest building in the Windy City.

Entic is tasked with guiding Equity Office on the implementation of tools and practices that will yield savings at the 110-story Willis Tower. “As we reinvent Willis Tower, a major focus of our effort is to increase the building’s energy efficiency and reduce operating expenses,” David Moore, senior vice president & portfolio director with Equity Office, said in a prepared statement. “Conservation of resources and environmental responsibility are critical to our work as stewards of this historic skyscraper and as leaders in the real estate industry.”

The technology Entic delivers provides users with actionable operational and financial insights that assist owners/managers realize considerable drops in utility costs.

Entic’s system for helping companies realize savings through efficiency are highly effective, and the proof is in the numbers. Diaz notes that Entic’s methods have produced portfolio-wide utility savings averaging between 10 and 20 percent for clients. Hilton Worldwide has benefited from Entic’s smart building technology, and Equity Office Property is a repeat customer. The two companies have worked together on seven previous occasions.

 A multi-million-dollar makeover

In February 2017, Equity Office announced it would redevelop Willis Tower through a $500 million investment. The renowned Chicago high-rise at 233 S. Wacker Dr. first opened its doors as the Sears Tower in 1973—a time when high technology-supported means of achieving efficiencies had not yet been born.

Equity Office’s transformation program, which is currently underway, will mark the building’s very first major upgrade.

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