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From Hive to Honey Jar | Thursday, October 6, 11am - 12pm 

Please join us Thursday, October 6 from 11am - 12pm on the 4th floor Outdoor Terrace at the indoor area for a special workshop featuring our Alvéole beekeeper.

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the art of honey extraction, from the process of harvesting frames, to spinning the honey out of the honeycomb.

Our Alvéole beekeeper will walk you through the fascinating journey of honey, from the flowers the bees visit, to the moment the “liquid gold” is gently poured into jars. Participants are sure to be met with some surprises along the way!

Your beekeeper will highlight your local flowers, the characteristics of your hive’s unique honey, and will paint a beautiful picture of the whole honey production process. Participants are sure to walk away with a newfound respect for these amazing, tiny creatures and a deeper connection to the beekeeping project — not to mention, a serious sweet tooth.

Attendees will receive samples of honey from our Willis Tower hives! 

Space for this program is limited. Willis Tower tenants, RSVP below or in the My Willis Tower Mobile App by Wednesday, October 5.


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