Art of the Neighborhood

Willis Tower is committed to enriching Chicago with public art and to inspiring those who work here. Art of the Neighborhood is a dynamic arts initiative that draws inspiration from the city’s creative energy to foster art programming throughout the property and support Chicago’s vibrant arts community.


EQ Impact

Art of the Neighborhood is a component of EQ Office's comprehensive initiative, EQ Impact, which strives to build economic health in communities by regenerating urban spaces, preserving local culture, and driving humanity into the workplace.

In the Heart of this Infinite Particle of Galactic Dust

By: Jacob Hashimoto | 2019

This major art installation is an undulating, cloud-like form suspended from the ceiling of the Wacker lobby. It is nearly 16-feet tall and 42-feet wide and was built from over 7,000 individual kite-like disks made of translucent rice paper and resin. Hashimoto strategically positioned the disks to create the effect of a faceted cloud-like mass reflecting a Chicago night sky, offering viewers a moment of calm and contemplation.

Atmospheric wave wall

By: Olafur Eliasson | 2021

The massive piece measures roughly 30’ x 60’ and covers the exterior wall along Jackson Blvd. with a pattern of metal tiles. Each tile is curved, a fragment of the inner surface of a sphere, and the main tones used in the work – blue, deep green, and white – are inspired by the surfaces of nearby Lake Michigan and the Chicago River. True to Eliasson’s style, the artwork is activated by the motion of people walking, driving, or biking past; by the motion of the earth in relation to the sun as light moves across it; and by changes in the season and weather. At night the work is lit from behind so that flashes of light escape through the interstices between the tiles, creating a captivating effect that activates the street around the building at night, attracting visitors at all hours.

Beehive Murals

By: Stephanie Guillen, Anabelen Zuniga, and Asha Edwards | 2021

Willis Tower has welcomed 60,000 new neighbors with the addition of three beehives to our Outdoor Terrace. This project, in collaboration with Alvéole, is part of EQ Office’s commitment to sustainability. To bring our new beehives to life, we partnered with Marwen, a local creative youth development organization. Artists Stephanie Guillen, Anabelen Zuniga, and Asha Edwards, from Marwen’s teaching and alumni community, painted three colorful murals on the beehives. Visit the beautiful beehives on the Outdoor Terrace, open Monday – Friday, 7am to 7pm, accessible via the Catalog elevators.

The EQ Space Collection


On permanent display in Willis Tower’s premier coworking space, this special collection of local artists was curated to create an inspiring workplace environment. The diverse selection of artwork across the space tells compelling stories of life in Chicago and reflects the different people who call our city home.


Being Here


For Being Here, our inaugural exhibition, we partnered with the Chicago Artists Coalition to curate an exciting group of contemporary artists with diverse backgrounds and studio practices. The ten artists on display all live and work in neighborhoods throughout Chicago. By bringing these artworks together, this exhibition demonstrates an expansive range of color, form, technique, and texture. From layered photographs and graphic collages, to woven fabric and re-staged still lifes, Being Here offers a vivid reflection of the complexity, creative energy, and constant motion of Chicago.



Time Travel Series

By: BOJITT | 2021

The newest addition to Willis Tower’s collection, this colorful series of five abstract paintings adorn the Adams Lobby. The paintings are acrylic on raw canvas, roughly 60” x 84” each. The works are by BOJITT, a Serbian-born, Chicago-based multidisciplinary designer and visual artist. Her public art focuses on themes of community empowerment, social justice and equality. Why the “Time Travel” theme? BOJITT explains: “if we could clearly see what is waiting for us in the future—we will know the perfect way to handle the feelings we have about our past in this present moment—called now!”



The Skydeck Experience Collection


Before ascending 1,353 feet in the air to step out on The Ledge, be sure to explore the all-new Skydeck Experience. This exciting, interactive museum shares the best of Chicago’s rich history. While views from the highest observation deck in the United States are truly unparalleled, the art collection inside the new Skydeck Experience also offers incredible sights. Featuring works by Oronde Kenrick Wright and Chicago-based artists Elliott Aaron From and Ruben Aguirre.

Shop Small Chicago Mural

By: Blake Jones | 2021

Willis Tower teamed up with Google and American Express to celebrate Small Business Saturday with an interactive mural installation. Featuring products from seven Chicago small businesses, the mural allows visitors to shop what they see by scanning items with their phone. Making tangible contributions to the economic value of our neighboring communities is foundational to EQ Office’s social impact mission.

Blake Jones is a Chicago-based designer, illustrator and muralist. His signature whimsical characters breathe a life of their own, crowding over one another as if they are jumping out from the surface into our world.


Cortney Lederer, Founder of CNL Projects, helps curate Willis Tower’s art collections and major installations. Cortney works to produce impactful art experiences and advocates for the value of arts and culture in our daily lives.