Returning To Willis Tower

Returning To The Neighborhood

Hey Neighbor, this site will be your main resource for all information on the return to the office.

Willis Tower will use this website, the building’s e-newsletter ("The 110"), and the tenant-exclusive "My Willis Tower" app to communicate timely re-entry details.

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Willis Tower Wacker Entrance

What We Are Doing For Your Safety And Well-Being

This section includes policies and procedures that have been created for tenants and visitors as you plan your return to the Tower. They include our mask policy, cleaning procedures, and security procedures.

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Mask Policy

All building occupants are required to wear a face covering per the directive from the Governor and City of Chicago Officials when they either cannot, or it is impractical to maintain 6 feet of social distance between themselves and others. This includes all building common areas, building entrances, elevator lobbies, elevators, multi-tenant corridors & restrooms, and while picking up food and drinks from Catalog and building restaurants.

Cleaning Procedures

We continue to work closely with our cleaning service providers and contractors to ensure they are following CDC guidance.

Hand sanitizer dispensers are available throughout elevator lobbies. Antimicrobial film is being installed on the first and second floor elevator dispatch kiosks. Additional janitorial personnel have been added to the day staff to increase frequency of touch point cleaning.

Security Procedures

All people should practice social distancing while on the property. All seating within the lobby and common areas on the transfer floors will remain closed until further notice. Catalog seating is available for dining at Catalog restaurants.

Willis Tower Social Distance Signage
Willis Tower Social Distance Signage
Willis Tower Social Distance Signage
Willis Tower Social Distance Signage

Moving Through The Tower

We have created new traffic flow patterns and space usage guidelines to help you navigate the tower while practicing social distancing. See below for detailed information.

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Entering & Exiting The Building

To manage the flow of pedestrian traffic at the building entrances, revolving doors will have signs posted in front of them directing tenants to use one for entering and another for exiting. Please follow the traffic pattern as directed by the signage within the building. The pattern will change from morning to evening when the majority of traffic is entering or exiting the building.

In the Wacker Lobby, stanchions and signage have been added to help direct the flow of tenants into the elevator lobbies. Social distancing decals will be placed on the floor as well. 

Elevator Usage

The first-floor elevator lobbies will be reopened.

  • Tenants must use the first floor when traveling to floors 10-23, 33 or 66.  
  • Tenants must use the second floor when traveling to floors 4-10, 23-28, 34 or 67.

Occupancy inside the elevators is set to a maximum of 4 people. Floor markers inside the elevators will indicate where to stand to help with spacing inside the elevators. 

Face coverings are required in these areas and will provide an extra layer of protection for all tenants when social distancing will be challenging. 


Amenity Guidelines

Tower House Conference Center In compliance with Illinois rules and regulations, the Tower House Conference Center located on the 34th floor are now available for tenant meetings.

  • Tower House Conference Center can accommodate meetings of up to 50 people using six-foot, social-distancing parameters.
  • Multiple floor plans for the combined and individual conference center rooms with occupancy capacities in classroom, u-shaped, and theatre layouts.

For more information and to book your meeting space, please contact Tenya Truitt at 

Tower House Café and Altitude Café seating areas are closed, however, as tenants return to Willis Tower, carry out food & beverages will be available. Social distancing markers will be placed accordingly directing people to and from the point of sale counter. Download the My Willis Tower App to skip the line and order ahead at Altitude and Tower House Café. 

Tone Fitness Center will continue to offer virtual training and classes. Tone members will be sent specific instructions on new policies & procedures for safely visiting Tone when a re-opening date has been confirmed.   

We will announce to all tenants when Tower House Café, Altitude Café and Tone Fitness Center have confirmed re-opening dates. 


Wellness In Your Office

Wellness In Your Office

Help us maintain a healthy workplace by following these recommendations, from home to desk.

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Familiarize Yourself With Your Company’s Return To Work Policy

• Revisit your company protocols. What new COVID-19 guidelines are in place?
• Think through your daily schedule. Options such as transportation may have changed.
• Consider work-from-home a few days/week, or staggering commute times with your colleagues.

Maintaining A Clean Desk

• The average desk is germ central. Consider a “clean-desk” policy.
• Remember to disinfect your laptop and workstation at the beginning and end of each day.

Social Distancing & Handwashing

• Wash your hands frequently. Especially after handling deliveries.
• Social distancing also applies to guests. Make sure to limit the number of office visitors to ensure safety.

Return To Work Plan

Looking for guidance to refine your back-to-the-office plans? Check out EQ Office’s Workplace Re-Entry Playbook

Visiting Skydeck & The Ledge

Visiting Skydeck & The Ledge

Skydeck has re-opened on a limited capacity and timed ticketing basis on weekends only. Visit the Skydeck website to learn more.

Skydeck Website
Visiting Catalog

Visiting Catalog

Select Catalog restaurants are currently open. Updated hours and information on future restaurant openings can be found via The 110 and the My Willis Tower App.

Additional Resources

This list outlines what is required to return to the office.

Re-Entry Reminders

Additional helpful information on returning to work

EQ Office Workplace Re-Entry Playbook

Stay In The Know

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